Dual Voltage 12v and 24v Wireless Winch Control Twin Pack

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  • TWIN PACK – Including two dual voltage 12v and 24v wireless remotes for whatever you need.
  • HEAVY DUTY – Hard-wearing design and weatherproof for outdoor use.
  • LARGE RANGE – A range of around 80-100 feet lets you work smarter and safer from a distance away.
  • LED FEATURES – Includes an on/off switch and smart LED indicator for safer usage.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Simple wiring allows for easy retro fitting to most types of 12v and 24v solenoid controlled winches.

Letting you work smarter and safer, this twin pack of Warrior wireless remotes makes winching even easier.

Including two dual voltage remotes that work at either 12v or 24v, this package deal is versatile with a range of winches. Easily retrofitted to most types of solenoid-controlled winches, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Working at a large distance of around 80-100 feet, you can work from a safe distance away from where you are winching. Fitted with an on/off switch and a smart LED indicator to avoid any unintentional activation – Warrior have thought of everything.

Cleverly designed for all weather, the receivers are weatherproof for worry-free outdoor usage. The robust and hard-wearing receiver is ideal for off-roaders and recovery truck operators where reliability is essential.


♦ Hand Control = 105mm x 45mm x 20mm
♦ Control Box = 60mm x 45mm x 22mm
♦ Control Box Wires = 220mm

The Battery is the 23A 12V, Type MN21

Colour Code:

♦ Red = Live
♦ Black=Earth
♦ White and Yellow = Switched Live (winch in/out)
♦ Blue = aerial (Left Unconnected)

Pairing Instructions:

1. DIsconnect the power supply to the winch and wireless control
2. Turn off the power switch on the handset
3. Hold Both the 'In' & 'Out' buttons on the handset
4. Turn on the Handset
5. Reconnect the Power supply to the winch and wireless control
6 After 5 Seconds release the 'In' & 'Out' buittons on the handset

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information relating to this product, in the interest of technical improvement this specification may be altered without notice.

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