60v Cordless 50cm Self Propelled Lawn Mower

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Includes: Lawn Mower, 60v Charger & 2 x 60v Batteries
Option: Mower with Charger & 2 Batteries
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  • Self-propelled with 6 speed settings
  • Powerful 60v Samsung batteries
  • Charges in as little as 40 minutes
  • Up to 60 minutes run time
  • 3-year warranty as standard
  • 3-in-1 grass collection and mulching function
  • 48cm cutting width
  • Compact design

The Warrior Eco battery powered cordless lawn mower is the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to petrol lawn mowers. This 48cm self-propelled product is easy-to-use and rivals the performance of both petrol and mains powered mowers.

Our solution to traditional lawn mowers

We know that using a petrol mower often involves strenuous work and can be more expensive to run. For average sized gardens this can be problematic, for larger gardens it can be enough to put you off mowing your lawn altogether. Our cordless solution puts the power in your hands without the strain, all while remaining economic to run.

Mains-powered corded options are often poor quality, prone to breaking and frustrating to use due to distance restrictions and the cord getting in the way of the job in hand.

The Warrior Eco cordless lawn mower is the solution to all of these issues.

A sturdy yet lightweight 25kg iron chassis coupled with a large 19 inch (48.26cm) cutting width means our battery powered mower has been designed with usability at its heart. This is further supported with reduced noise and vibration technology, meaning you can rest assured it will be smooth and quiet to use.

Requiring no direct connection to an electrical output, it uses our state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries to provide up to 60 minutes continuous run-time, helping you tackle lawn jobs of various sizes.

See the Warrior Eco battery lawn mower in action and find out what makes it the superior choice:

Quick-charge Battery Power

The fast-charging ability is provided by twin 60V Samsung lithium-ion batteries, which will charge to full capacity in less than 40 minutes. A battery life indicator shows you when a recharge is required so you’ll never run out of charge unexpectedly. These state-of-the-art batteries can be charged over 500 times giving you many years of use.

Additionally, the batteries and charger are fully interchangeable with all Warrior Eco 60v Performance Plus tools, from our 60v leaf blowers to our 60v chainsaws. This gives you the option to purchase other items from our 60v Performance Plus range of garden equipment without the need for multiple batteries, saving you money and space.

A Self-propelled Solution to Lawn Care

This self-propelled mower uses an automatic 6-speed drive function, so you can simply steer it in the right direction and it will do the hard work for you.
Additionally, brushless motor technology means it can adjust the power level intuitively based on the difficulty of the terrain.

3-in-1 Grass Collection and Mulching Function

With 6 different cutting height levels and a 60L grass collecting bag alongside a mulching function, this is an all-encompassing solution to your lawn management needs.
The mulching function helps to maintain a healthy green lawn by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings under the mowing deck to produce a fine mulch. The mulch is returned to the lawn where it rapidly decomposes, placing precious nutrients back into the soil to ensure your garden lawn not only looks neat and tidy but its overall health is improved.

Space Saving and Easy Storage

Our mower has been designed with space-saving in mind. You’ll find folding handles that slot into place using swivel clips, making this a space-saving option for storing in tighter spaces.

Flexible Purchasing Options

If you already have a garden tool from Warrior Eco, you may not wish to buy further batteries as you can simply transfer these between the equipment. If this is your first Warrior Eco product, we offer a product bundle which includes the batteries and charger unit.

A Safe and Sensible Choice for Your Garden Equipment Requirements

All our tools meet up-to-date government standards and come with a 3-year warranty as standard.

For a modern design with high performance and ease of use, choose the Warrior Eco cordless lawn mower.

60v Performance Plus Cordless Tools Range
sku MWEP82423M
Warranty 3 Year
Running Time 1 Battery: 25-30 minutes Regular Grass Height
2 Battery: 60 Minutes Regular Grass Height
Charging Time 40 minutes (2.5Ah)
Dimensions 1650 x 570 x 1130mm
Stowed Dimensions 840 x 570 x 460mm
Weight (incl battery) 28.5kg
Noise Rating LpA: <84 dB
LwA: <96 dB
Vibration <5m/s
Motor Type Brushless (Internal)
Max Power Output 1500 watts
Rated Volt DC 60V Samsung lithium ion battery
Cutting Diameter 508mm
Cutting Depth 25-95mm
Height Adjustment 6 Levels
Self-propelled Speed 0-1.2 m/s
Speed Control Speed Control Dial
Bag Capacity 60 Litres
Grass Collecting Function 3 in 1 (grass [Mulch] / rear row / side row)
Wheel Diameter 20/25cm with dust proof LED lights
No Load Speed 2800/3200 rpm, (Auto Adjusted)
Lithium Battery 2.5Ah
Charger 4A
Certification CE/EMC


What's in the box:

  • 60v Lawn Mower
  • Manual

Optional: 2 x 60v Batteries & 60v Charger.
This item is available with or without these, so you can save money if you already have 60v batteries and charger.

Reviews and Q&A


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  • Sorry my question I should have said EGO not eco

    These are WARRIOR brand products not EGO.

  • This looks a bit like eco especially the batteries. Is it made at the same factory? Im thinking of buying eco till I saw this make.

    No they are different makes from different manufacturers.

  • Where is the lawnmower made?

    Warrior's factory in China.

  • Does this come with 2 batteries and the charger?

    Yes , it comes with 2 batteries and a charger or you can purchase it without if you already have them. Choose "Mower only" if you already have batteries.

  • Do you need two batteries in the mower or will it run with one while you charge the other?

    It can run on one but quoted run times are based on 2.

  • I have a lawn mower that cuts 42 this product shows 50cm cut, I’ve had a 44 cm cut and that was very good, I’m just worried if 50 will be too low, that’s my concern?


    Thanks for reaching out! 

    This lawn mower has had some fantastic reviews  with no prior concerns raised to the depth of cut. 

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