Champion 3500 Watt LPG Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

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  • DUAL FUEL – 192cc engine is powered by petrol or LPG.
  • RUN TIME – Get reliable power with 16 hours of runtime on LPG
  • MULTIPLE OUTLETS – Including two 220v outlets and a 12v DC outlet.
  • ULTRA-QUIET – Quiet running at only 58 dBA noise level. (See Noise Level Information)
  • SAFE CONNECTION – True Sine Wave technology protects sensitive electronics.
  • LINK + BOOST - Connect this inverter with another Champion 3500-watt inverter for 30 amps of power (with the optional ParaLINK Parallel Kit)
  • MAX WATTS – 3500 Petrol / 3150 LPG
  • RATED WATTS – 3200 Petrol / 2880 LPG

Powered by a 3.2-kilowatt engine, you can trust in reliable, Champion power. Packed with smart technology and features, Champion engines are built to last for whatever adventure you’re on.

Running on either petrol or LPG, this versatile engine has a runtime of 16 hours on only a 19kg bottle of LPG. With features such as a low oil shut-off sensor and economy mode, designed to save you fuel and protect the engine; get low maintenance power for your camping trips, outdoor events and caravan travels. And in a handing suitcase frame with a wheel and handle, it’s never been easy to get power wherever you need it.

Ideal for RVs, motor homes and caravans – the reliable power is matched with safety features designed to protect your electricals. Including the special start-up current which allows your equipment to start up without tripping or overloading the generator, as well as true sine wave inverter technology which protects sensitive electricals from power surges or fluctuations.

Why Choose LPG?

  • CHEAPER - The biggest attraction of LPG is the lower running costs, around 30% - 50% cheaper to run currently than petrol.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Longer run time? Simply use a bigger cylinder with no limitations from the internal fuel tank.
  • CLEANER EMISSIONS - Cleaner emissions allow for use in situations where petrol is not appropriate such as around food or petrol-free camp sites.
  • EASY STORAGE – No bad smells and minimal risk of spillage.
  • LOWER MAINTENANCE - Lower maintenance costs due to cleaner running leading to an extended life of various generator components, unlike petrol which decays over time to hinder operation.
  • FAST REFUEL - Simply connect up a new bottle and go!

    Please note that the majority of the competitions Dual Fuel models in the UK tend to be “retrofits” which invalidate the Manufacturer’s Warranty! Whilst Champion lead the way with their dual fuel patented technology & their machines are Factory fitted & therefore the 3 years Manufacturer’s Warranty is fully supported.

    3 Year Limited Warranty

    What Will it Power? Advanced, true sine wave inverter technology provides safe, reliable power to computers and other sensitive electrical devices. Ideal for powering a small appliance and/or a few household items.

    All newly manufactured products are EU Stage V Compliant.

    Starting Watts 3750 Petrol / 3300 LPG
    Max Watts 3500 Petrol / 3150 LPG
    Rated Watts 3200 Petrol / 2880 LPG
    AC Load 2 x 240v 13amp
    Socket Rating 13
    DC Output 12 / 8.3
    Phase Single
    Power Factor 1
    RPM Automatic (Based on load)
    Engine 192cc
    Fuel Capacity 6 Litres
    Oil 10W-30
    Oil Capacity 0.6 Litres
    Start Type Recoil,Electric
    Low Oil Shutoff Automatic
    Choke Type Manual
    Regulator Type 37mBar (Included)
    Noise Level @ 7m 58 dBA
    Dimensions L*W*H (Fully Assembled) 63.7 x 44 x 46.1 cm
    Weight 43.4 kg (95.7 lbs)
    Operation at 25% (Eco Mode) 8 hours
    Overload Protection Yes
    Intelligauge Yes
    Parallel Connectivity Yes
    Electric Start Yes
    Usb Connection Yes
    Wheels Never Flat
    Emissions EC
    Certification CE
    EU Stage V
    E10 Petrol Compliant
    Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty


    What's in the box:

    • Champion 3500 Watt Inverter Duel Fuel Generator
    • Smart Charger
    • 12V DC USB Adapter
    • 12V DC Battery Charging Cable
    • Oil Funnel
    • Wrench
    • LPG Regulator
    • Operating manual

    Wattage Reference Guide*

    Microwave 1000 0
    Coffee Maker 1500 0
    Lamp 100 0
    LED/LCD TV 150 0
    Laptop 800 0
    Modem/Router 20 0
    Slow Cooker 200 200
    Blender 300 650
    Fan 200 0
    LED/LCD TV 150 0
    Radio 100 0
    Game Consol 1500 0
    Drill 600 900
    Air Compressor 1600 4500
    Circular Saw 1200 2000
    Hand Sander 600 1200
    Work Light 1000 0
    Paint Sprayer 600 600
    Lawn Mower 1200 2400
    String Trimmer 350 875
    Hedge Trimmer 450 1200
    Edger 950 2400
    Chainsaw 1200 2400
    Pressure Washer 1200 2400
    Refridgerator 700 2200
    Sump Pump 1/2 hp 800 1300
    Well Pump 1/2 hp 1000 2100
    Furnace 1/4 hp 600 1000
    Water Heater 4000 0
    Window AC 1800 2800

    How to calculate:


    Total running watts of ALL items to be powered by the generator at the SAME TIME.


    Add highest SINGLE starting Watt to the total RUNNING WATTS needed above.

    *This chart is for reference only. Check your device for ACTUAL wattage requirements.

    Reviews and Q&A


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    • Can it run on butane or just propane

      Butane burns hotter and is not suitable.

    • Two questions actually, 1) how is the supply connected to the internal wiring? 2) our primary requirement would be for the gas boiler to be powered in the event of a power cut, would this generator be suitable?

      You would need an external switching system that activated in in a power cut, this model is not aimed at that application. This is aimed at a more manual system of plugging in the item you wish to run and then starting the generator

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