Warrior 15 kVa Diesel Generator 3 Phase

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  • WARRIOR POWER – The Warrior generator is equipped with a high-quality V-twin diesel engine, ensuring reliable performance. It's 3-phase ready for versatile use.
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY – The generator's 35-liter tank can provide up to 20 hours of continuous operation at around 50% load, ensuring extended performance.
  • SMART + SAFE – With a low oil shut-off sensor and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) control system for safe usage.
  • IMPRESSIVE POWER OUTPUT – With a 15 kVa rating, the Warrior Generator can deliver a maximum of 13,000 watts and sustain 12,000 running watts.
  • MULTIPLE OUTLETS – Featuring 1 x 32A 415v, 1 x 16A 230v and 1 x 32A 230v outlets to accommodate various power needs.
  • Fitted with ATS input switch (See optional Diesel Automatic Transfer Switch)

Introducing our enhanced Warrior LDG15S3 model, now equipped with increased engine power of up to 12000 Running Watts that is 3-phase ready.

The Warrior features an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) control system, diligently overseeing power output and safeguarding the unit against voltage fluctuations, ensuring a seamless and stable sine wave. Housed within a noise-reducing enclosure and coated with a resilient chip resistant matte finish, this generator's robust industrial frame provides comprehensive protection and enhances its mobility. The added convenience of a key start function complements the smooth operation achieved through anti-vibration mountings.
With a generous 35-liter fuel tank, this Warrior generator can easily run for up to 20 hours at around 50% load, making it an ideal choice for various applications, including domestic supply, construction, catering, and industrial use. It readily powers tools and lighting units.

As a reliable standby generator, it becomes indispensable during power outages, and it comes complete with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Input Port, compatible with our ATS Panel available separately. This ensures automatic startup when power loss is detected and shutdown when the mains supply is restored.

Furthermore, the generator is equipped standard 415v Three Phase and 230v Single Phase output sockets, along with an ATS Input Port for use with our ATS panel 190102000010.

These features collectively make the Warrior Generator a powerful and reliable solution for a wide range of applications.

Please take note: All provided data for this item pertains to balanced loads. When using unbalanced loads, please verify equipment-specific data. Additionally, when running single-phase power from a three-phase generator, expect approximately 30-35% of the generator's full output power, as it operates off one of the three available phases.

Max Watts13000
Rated Watts12000
Noise Level @ 7m (dBA)75
AC Load1 x 32A 3 Phase Red, 1 x 32A 230v Blue, 1 X 16A 230v Schuko
AC LoadYes
Socket Rating19A
Start TypeElectric
Engine CC1064.0
Engine HP18.7
Engine TypeDiesel V-Twin
Power Factor0.8
Fuel Capacity (L)35.0
Oil Tank (ml)3000
Low Oil ShutoffYes
Electric StartYes
Overload ProtectionYes
AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)Yes
Warranty (Years)2
Weight (kg)260.0
Dimensions mm (HxLxW)860 x 1120 x 725


What's in the box:

  • Warrior 15 kVa Diesel Generator 3 Phase
  • Operating manual
  • Starter keys

Wattage Reference Guide*

Microwave 1000 0
Coffee Maker 1500 0
Lamp 100 0
LED/LCD TV 150 0
Laptop 800 0
Modem/Router 20 0
Slow Cooker 200 200
Blender 300 650
Fan 200 0
LED/LCD TV 150 0
Radio 100 0
Game Consol 1500 0
Drill 600 900
Air Compressor 1600 4500
Circular Saw 1200 2000
Hand Sander 600 1200
Work Light 1000 0
Paint Sprayer 600 600
Lawn Mower 1200 2400
String Trimmer 350 875
Hedge Trimmer 450 1200
Edger 950 2400
Chainsaw 1200 2400
Pressure Washer 1200 2400
Refridgerator 700 2200
Sump Pump 1/2 hp 800 1300
Well Pump 1/2 hp 1000 2100
Furnace 1/4 hp 600 1000
Water Heater 4000 0
Window AC 1800 2800

How to calculate:


Total running watts of ALL items to be powered by the generator at the SAME TIME.


Add highest SINGLE starting Watt to the total RUNNING WATTS needed above.

*This chart is for reference only. Check your device for ACTUAL wattage requirements.

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