Pressure washer spraying dirt off wooden patio

Compared to using a scrubbing brush and bucket of water, surely using a jet wash is easy? Point and shoot the washer at your patio and let it do the work! Not exactly… follow our fuss-free key steps and make sure you stay safe whilst bringing your patio back to its former glory.

Step 1- Preparation

You’ll want to start with a clean and tidy patio before introducing your pressure washer. Move all of your potted plants and any furniture from the area and then sweep away any large, loose debris so that you can see the stubborn grime that’s left to wash down.

You nearest garden centre should stock a range of cleaning fluids to use with a jet-wash for different types of patio surfaces e.g. wood, slate, sandstone etc… Your power washer will include instructions on whether you’re able to feed these through the equipment whilst other cleaners can be applied using a sprayer or watering can directly to the patio beforehand.

Safety First

Always wear safety goggles when using a pressure washer to avoid debris or stones flying up into your face and causing damage. Pop a pair of gloves on for the same reason and make sure you’re wearing long sleeves and trousers (waterproofs if you wish to stay dry!).

Test On A Small Area

Secure your hose to the tap and make sure everything is fitted tightly and there are no leaks. Ensure the pressure washer nozzle is pointed at the ground when starting, as a strong burst of spray will come through. Find a corner of your patio to test the jet-wash before fully starting the job.

Man spraying sidewalk with pressure washer sprayer


Pressure is key here, as if it’s too high, you can damage the mortar between paving – particularly if they are in bad shape or chipped at the edges. Go slowly and gently with wooden decking as it's a soft, natural substance. A safe setting would be somewhere between 1200 and 2300 PSI to give you a good pressure and easy handling.

Pressure Washer nozzle selection infographic


Champion's range of pressure washers comes with various nozzles for different uses.

Pressure Washer nozzle selection infographic

Start Washing Your Patio!

You’ve completed a small test area and you‘re happy with the result so now is the time to really tackle the job. Hold the washer at a 45-degree angle and from the corner of your patio, sweep the wash across the surface.

Once you’ve completed a full sweep you may want to increase the pressure slightly to remove any tough areas of algae or weeds and apply a little more detergent. For wooden decking, you can also use a piece of sandpaper to remove imperfections or stubborn marks.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you can take the time to regularly sweep and remove weeds from your patio throughout the year, you should only need to pressure-wash once every 12 months. Another option would be to clean straight after summer following heavy use and then at the start of spring to remove dirt collected over the winter months.

Why not take a look at our range of pressure washers and find out what works best for you and your patio. Don't forget Champion's pressure washers are petrol powered so need to worry about long electrical cords in all that water.