Tree branches covered in snow

When it’s cold out, winter gardening is never the first thing on your mind, so here are 5 easy tips and tools to keep your garden looking great all winter.

Even if you’re not planning on spending hours in the garden this winter, it’s still nice to feel a sense of pride when you look out at your tidy, (hopefully) snow-covered garden.

Wondering how you’ll keep it looking at its best all winter when you’d rather be enjoying mulled wine on the sofa? Here are 5 tips and tools that’ll speed up your winter gardening and have you settled back by the fire before you can say “the Grinch stole Christmas.”

1. Trim any overgrown hedges

Evergreen hedges covered in snow

Nothing looks worse than an overgrown hedge in the winter, especially if it’s the kind of hedge that won’t look at its best until spring comes back around again.

We’d always recommend one last spot of winter gardening with a focus on trimming and shaping your hedges—do it right and chances are you may not need to worry about it again until winter is over!

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2. Cut back overhanging or untidy tree branches

A bare tree covered in snow during the winter.

While you’re checking on your overgrown hedges, don’t forget to take a look at any trees in your garden. Whether they’re evergreen and need some tidying up or need a winter trim before they spring back to life next year, you’ll thank yourself later.

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3. Remove slip hazards like wet leaves

A pile of wet, fallen leaves with rain droplets.

One tip for a winter-friendly garden that’s so easy it doesn’t even feel like winter gardening is a quick tidy. After autumn, you may find that there are a lot of fallen leaves hiding around your garden and as the winter weather turns cold and wet, these leaves can become a slip hazard.

Use a leaf blower to gather these leaves in neat piles and turn them into compost or garden waste.

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4. Make your garden friendly for winter wildlife

A winter robin taking a break from flying.

If winter feels more difficult for us, imagine how difficult it can be for winter wildlife…

Why not give your winter guests a helping hand by making sure any bird baths aren’t frozen over, bird and squirrel feeders are well-stocked, and you check inside any piles of sticks or leaves for napping hedgehogs before planning your fire-pit gatherings?

Best tool for the job? This recipe for a homemade bird feeder from Woodland Trust.

5. Plant winter-proof flowers

A beautiful pink rose peeking out through the snow.

For a splash of colour in your garden throughout the winter, why not plant some flowers that bloom during the winter months? There are more than you’d think, such as:

  • Honeysuckle
  • Christmas Rose
  • Pansies

For 10 flowers that bloom in winter, we think you’ll be interested in this Gardener’s World article about Winter-Flower Plants for December.

Best tool for the job? Your own two hands!

Ready to start your Winter Gardening?

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